What we talk about when we talking about creativity—Paul Smith Exhibition

‘People can write in lots of different ways – short sentences, long sentences. But one of the things that must be used in literature is punctuation marks. I always say to people who aren’t comfortable wearing colour that they should think about it like a punctuation mark. Wear a navy blue suit and simply punctuate it with a coloured sweater or a T-shirt.’

—Paul Smith talking about how to persuade someone who doesn’t wear colour to wear it.

Learning the news from newspaper, I went to London Design Museum for the exhibition of Paul Smith. When I got out from the cab and cross the passage, an stunning view of River Thames jump into our view, an new and stunning angle I’d never seen before.


London Design Museum is standing in front of River Thames, on the building’s white front façade, the word ‘HELLO’ is written in highlighter pink, while the adjacent wall reads ‘My Name is Paul Smith’ in matching type.


Paul Smith is famous by the fashion clothes brand named by himself, but he’s creative life is far beyond just designing clothes.



Mr Paul Smith original plans to become a professional cyclist when left school at 15. He join fashion industry by a coincidence, then started his first business from a 12-feet-square room, year by year, he consistently being creative in every detail of his life,and this is finally lead him to success. even today, he still trying to get involve in every detail of his company from choose fabric to find shop address , and this is seems because he haven’t realize how successful he is. He told journalist that he was so surprised when he was surrounding by his fans at Tokyo earlier this year.







I recently reading a book about how to be creative of  Public Relations Campaign planning, it given plenty of ideas about how to generate “a big idea”, But now I realize trying start to use different angle to observe and judge every ordinary things, using lateral thinking, and being engaged in creativity is, definitely, more useful to follow the guide which tells you how to produce creativity.