A Simple And Effective Way To Engage Audiences

by chuckgaowestminster


I’m recently spending my limited spare time on study street photography. Last Chrismatmas , I took a short-term photography course at Central Saint Martin and then fallen in love with film camera, and I’m following a street photography blog as our tutor recommended.

Yesterday, I had look at a blog article writing about author’s philosophy on social media (link). There was a perspective he mentioned aroused my interest. He suggested to photographers that when they use social media, they should promote others instead of themselves.

Here are two quotes: “Going back to the analogy of social media being a party– nobody likes the guy at the party who brags about himself all day long (him graduating Harvard, buying a new BMW, earning over 100k a year, etc). People are turned off by braggers and people who are entirely self-promotional.” “I would say that the growth of my blog has mostly to do with the fact that I promoted other street photographers (not myself). The interviews I do with other photographers and collaborations I have done has brought more to my blog than simply my own thoughts and work. Also when you promote the work (and thoughts) of others– they feel stronger gratitude to you and are genuinely grateful. Everyone likes the guy who helps his/her friends– be that person.” This perspective is just as same as I had given in my social media metrics report by chance. The one I suggested was promote audiences updates. For the freelancer photographer, when they using social media, I think that works in the same way as a brand. What is to say, the process they use social media is, actually, building a brand for themselves. As Eric said in his blog, people are bored and tired to follow an account who are entirely self-promotional. I totally agree this point, on the contrary, when a professional promotes their customer’s updates, three great things happen: customer becomes excited and happy because their post received a social media boost. This is because they may gain some new followers by being posted on other account, especially the account that have hundred times followers as themselves. Customer becomes curious and begins to pay more attention on your updates. Audiences would found this is a interactive blog and they would want to be a part of it and put themselves under the lime light. Customer will return the favour in the future. There is one thing Eric didn’t mention, once we promote customer’s updates, apart of benefit from the goodwill created by other audiences, your content will be seen by audience’s followers, therefore, it will generate word of mouth and further benefit your account. No matter you are a professional or just a personal user, once you want to be engaging, you should know social media is not about self-promotion.


On Social Media and Street Photograph