Holiday is past tense now!

Came back from holiday two days before, the first day of my internship is finally here! it’s my first job in the PR realm, and the company is what I’m dreaming for, everything’s spectacular, but I’m rather panic rather than excited. This is my first job in London, and I dont have any work experience working in UK. Realising I’m going to be a master graduate, I eventually clam down my mind and decide to do some research to  get ready for my first day. The hardest question for me is quite tricky: what should a PR intern wear? I was wearing a suit when I attending the interview, but I had found everyone in the company were wearing in smart causal.

 So I did a lit bit research about PR professional’s dress code. however, there are just few results i had got from google, and what even worse was I can not find even one mentioning male’s outfit, so I suppose this is probably because the majority of PR practitioners are female, or this may just means male PR practitioners were too busy to write something about their outfit? even they just wear whatever they want and dont put too much attention on it.

“In the (many) years since graduation, I’ve made my way through this minefield in stages. The first stage was the “suit” stage where I was so excited to join the workforce and so keen to be taken seriously that I spent a clean fortune on suits and crisp, uncomfortable shirts to wear underneath them. I then learned that unless you drive a snazzy car to work with a VIP parking spot right next to the front door, suits are completely impractical. They get wet, they don’t keep you warm and the trousers wear out well before the jackets.”

I finally found something useful for me which suggest that I dont have to wear a suit for work, how exciting this news is:)

PS: I posted some photos on my Flickr of travel in Paris and Italy, have a look!


Does PR Have a Dresscode?