I’ve Got A Great Campaign, Then What To Do?


Every successful campaign have a great idea, but not all the good campaign can succeed without finding target audiences rightly. Customers are becoming more sophisticated in the digital age than they used to be. They can easily get access to any information they want from the internet rather than just receive ads passively. To put this in perspective, 90 percent of consumers trust a recommendation from people they know, 70 percent trust consumer opinions posted online, and 70 percent trust branded Web sites, according to Nielsen’s April 2009 Global Online Consumer Survey.

Even you have billions traffic, you still have your first batches of audience though. You should be grateful to them as they make you visible and they had generated word of mouth. That’s is to say, once you got your first batches audience and your campaign is sticky enough, they would stay on you, and bring friends visit you, then their friends’ friends would come as well. At last, user would increase exponentially at a dramatic rate.  

So how to find your target audiences?


Here are Five Tips to Reach Your First Batches of Audience More Effectively

1.Right Channel

To understand where your audiences spend their time, and which channel are they using most.

2.Right Content

Make sure your content is portable and shareable. To resonate with your audience as deep as you can, then they would come back and visit you again, and share it.

3.Right Value

To think what value you can add to your audience.

4.Right Positioning

To identify and target audience subsegments separately to ensure your message is presented precisely to meet their needs.

5.Right Forum.

Don’t forget forums, they are still effective, there are many potential audience in forums like Reddit, you need to be active and contributing to the community, and promote yourself, unconsciously.

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