B2B Social Media Communication, Do Not only Putting Eyes On Facebook


Because of its popularity and number of users, Facebook is now often regarded as the most social media website. However,  the  number of users of other social media sites are also increasing significantly in 2013, such as Twitter, Instagram, vine, or even Tumblr or Pinterest, to name but a few. The marketers can no longer ignore their impact for b2b communication. There was a proven trend lies in the fact that audiences are more like to see mobilized and visualized contents, so it’s time for marketers to expand their communication strategy into other outlets as I mentioned.

Doubtlessly, B2B companies are not using social media in the same way as consumer markets. Products positioning differ, sales cycles differ and product markets are differ as well. Communicating strategically Social media is always evolving and so are the decision-makers using it. Recent studies published by Eloqua and Forrester Research have offered important statistics showing what B2B decision-makers are and aren’t doing on various social networks.

CIO Social Media Habits

When it comes to more targeted audiences, some new research from Tech Heads debuted showed the social media preferences of CIOs and senior IT leaders when they’re researching a new product:

  • 29 percent use Google+
  • 28 percent use LinkedIn
  • 28 percent of “disruptive CIOs” use LinkedIn Groups
  • 22 percent use Facebook
  • 20 percent use YouTube

Instead of putting attention just on single social media site, Integrate social media websites into an entirety, by utilizing Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter or Google plus etc. these channels will definitely magnify the communication effect to a multiple of geometric growth. For example, Linkedin, who currently have approximately 240 million professional, it will likely turn into the leading position in the B2B market in the near future. Or you can even build a social media community like CISCO did, (Case study can be found Here). In addition to that, a good community could attract Outside Writers Contribute Content. According to Jeffrey L. Cohen, “Not only Cisco communications staff and subject matter experts, the Network also features outside journalists who have covered business and technology for the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Forbes, Fortune and Business Week. This brings a new level of content to the site. Many B2B blogs feature guest posts, and some even feature outside experts writing on a regular basis, but to add this level of business and technology journalism to an online newsroom is beyond the realm of what anyone else is doing. This is providing value to customers, prospects and others in the Cisco ecosystem by creating top-notch content and spotlighting it along with company news.” (The case study can be found at http://socialmediab2b.com/2011/09/b2b-cisco-social-newsroom/)