5 Key Social Media Metrics That Matter


As content and data gets bigger, most of companies have finally realised that at least some of them is important to their business. While when a marketers or a PR practitioner doing social media monitoring, they tend to overemphasising simple counts and totals. So what metrics are really matters and what metrics do u really need? here are 5 essential social media metrics that you can always start with.


Engagement is about how fans or target audiences participate and respond to your social media activities. Engagement is a conversation and involvement between target audiences and a brand. The level of engagement can be seen as an indicator of the success of the social media activity. What should be noticed is engagement is not only just numbers of followers or fans. In most of cases, Engagement should be measured by the number of Facebook likes, comments and shares; retweets and comments; Youtube views and comments; Pinterest repost; Instagram likes and comments and Tumblr notes.


Segmentation refers to identifying the target audiences into different subgroups by their needs, interests or behaviour, in order to reach them in the best way. A brand should not apply a “one-size-fits-all” strategy when curating social media platforms. A good segmentation ensures brand optimize its communication effect. The target audiences can be segmented by demographic data such as age, gender, geographic data, psychographic data, and also their behaviour.


Content refers to any posts, pictures, videos or infographics that the brand creates or curates on different online platforms. A good content should fit audience’s needs and interests. In this report, the content can be referred to Facebook posts; tweets and retweets on Twitter; Video on Youtube and imagines on Instagram.

Message Resonation

Message resonation is about whether a message created a buzz that audiences would want to share it, and how many repeating messages, quotes from tweets, mentions are generated from the message. The level of resonation is an effective way to measure “reach”.

Tone and Sentiment

 Tone and sentiment refers to the voices and attitudes from audiences, which can be measured as positive, negative or neutral. It can be tracked by analysing online comments, tweet mentions. Tools such as Twitter Sentiment, Social Mention and People Browser can be used to measure the sentiment around the brand. By analysing tone and sentiment, we could know the level of satisfaction towards the brand and also the potential problems and issues.


After all, A basic point we should make sure is — all social media metrics should be from the angle of your overall business strategy. Measure these analytics on the basis of how you’re doing in pursuit of those goals, and how would you utilise the metric results  to improve your social media strategy, and to better positioning your company in the marketplace.

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